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If for any reason you need to return to an item please first read the below important information:

If you change your mind you may return your order within 14 days from delivery of the goods for a refund, credit or exchange if the goods are still as new and unused and if you have written to cancel within this time. You can use our RMA system (as described at the bottom of this page) to return an item.  For further information please see our main terms at 

If you are looking to return an item because you believe it to be faulty, please read our main terms at 

Please also read the following

A lot of the products we sell are proper hobby models and it is normal for beginners to sometimes struggle when using for the first time and therefore think there may be a problem with the product. With a little help and advice a lot of beginners who thought they may have a problem actually find they were just making a simple mistake and that their model is in perfect working order.

If you are returning due to a technical issue please ensure that you have first read through our knowledgebase and if that does not help that you have raised a ticket for advise through the support centre to make sure that there is not a simple solution to your problem. You must obtain a returns number by following the instructions at the bottom of this page before returning anything to us or else the return will be automatically rejected.

If after contacting us you still need to return your item please follow the relevant information below.

1. FOR CUSTOMERS WHO CREATED AN ACCOUNT WHEN ORDERING - Simply login to your account and then click "product returns" on the left menu. You will then be able to select the product you wish to return and obtain the returns number.

2. FOR CUSTOMERS WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT - Please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to obtain your returns number.