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Our gas models are bigger, faster, stronger and more fun. Enter the world of model car racing now!



We are 1:5 scale gas RC car specialists. We supply the best hobby grade radio controlled models, not the toy cars that you would find in toy shops.

All our models come fully built ready to go with transmitters included. We also supply spare parts and accessories in case you ever break down or want to upgrade your model.

The gas powered cars we sell have proper 26cc to 30cc engines that run on normal unleaded gas mixed with a little 2 stroke oil. Both are available from any gas station, so unlike a nitro model, you don’t need to go to a specialist model shop every time you need fuel.

Product highlights

  • Cheaper to run than nitro
  • Large 1:5 scale makes them stronger and more realistic
  • Easy to get fuel from any gas station
  • Longer run time than nitro or electric. 30 minutes run time per tank and then just fill up and go. No having to wait for batteries to recharge like on electric

The Best Gas RC Cars

Big, powerful, strong and fast, real fast..


Ready To Roll

You're eager to hit the track. Can't wait to rip the box open and have a bash with your brand new truck. You don't want to waste time building it or finding the correct accessories. TheHobbyworx has you covered:

Fully Built

Your model will come fully built by a trained engineer. It is then checked and double checked by quality control to ensure it has been made perfectly.

Transmitter Included

Your model comes with the latest 2.4Ghz technology transmitter for better signal strength and allows multiple models to be used in the same area.

Detailed Manual

Clear manual including a full breakdown of all the parts showing how they go together in case you want to replace any,

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